Case Study:

Komen Columbus

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The Situation:

You either know someone with or are someone who has breast cancer.


Komen Columbus has been a national leader in bringing people together to identify research, screening, diagnostic, and care capacity. Its annual Race for the Cure was a key financial driver. COVID made bringing people together difficult. Our task was to generate interest and fundraising opportunities with people who may not be able to participate in person.

What We Did:

We created a year’s worth of story ideas out of a single event. This included what would be different about the race, how organizers tried to change the event to empower more participation, and where donations went that specifically helped local breast cancer survivors and the people who care about them.


We also engaged local micro influencers to tap into younger demographics for registration.


Finally, we wrote, designed, and managed the Columbus Dispatch Komen insert, a series of feature articles placed in the paper to generate interest in event and fundraising efforts.


Our work secured approximately 340 media placements broadcast stories statewide, with a potential ad value of $242,000 and potential audience of 26 million.


Our influencers published 10 Posts. Each post got an average of 85 engagements (likes/comments/shares), 2.2K Reach, and $385 Earned Media Value (EMV). The total reach was 21,900 with nearly 250,000 impressions.


We are still the largest Komen Race for the Cure in the nation, with all three TV stations agreeing to sponsor the event. Despite taking a hit on registration post-COVID, the amount raised was in line with what we’d raised previously with a larger field.