Case Study:

Go, Lunch!

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The Challenge:

How can families in most need of the service learn about its availability and closest meal sites?

The Work:

Irvin PR knew the best approach to reach as many families as possible was an integrated marketing communication plan encompassing earned media, community relations, social media, canvassing and phone messaging.

The Results:

Irvin PR successfully garnered $64,000+ in television and radio coverage for Go, Lunch!  This does not reflect social shares of coverage.

Irvin PR introduced the Family Mentor Foundation to Go, Lunch! which resulted in hundreds of weekend Buddy Boxes being provided to children of select Go, Lunch! sites.  The Buddy Boxes included shelf-stable foods to ensure that children had access to snacks and meals on the weekends when the program sites were closed.

Irvin PR introduced Charity Newsies to Go, Lunch! which resulted in Go, Lunch’s! collateral and electronic marketing materials being shared by Charity Newsies as well as Charity Newsies hosting a special event at one of the meal sites with Dairy Queen and personal care packages.

Door-to-door canvassing as well as sharing Go, Lunch! collateral materials with community businesses and partners contributed to the success of this campaign.