Case Study:

BalletMet The Nutcracker | Influencer Campaign

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The Situation:

Renowned for its versatility and innovative repertoire, BalletMet ranks among the nation’s 20 largest ballet companies. Since 1974, BalletMet’s The Nutcracker has been Central Ohio’s most beloved holiday tradition. In December 2021, the city staple returned to the historic Ohio Theatre and performed to large audiences for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entertaining more than 30,000 people in 2019, The Nutcracker's comeback was long-awaited by many. As BalletMet approached the holiday production's comeback, Irvin Public Relations led all the company’s PR initiatives surrounding The Nutcracker including influencer relations.

What We Did:

Irvin PR identified and contracted six nano (up to 10k followers) to micro (10K-100K followers) local mom bloggers with followings that catered to BalletMet’s desired demographic and had feeds that complimented the company’s goals. We drafted a campaign brief and contract and supplied the influencers with key messaging, visuals and a personalized promo code, outlined deliverables, benefits and dos and don’ts, and established a posting timeline.

The influencers were employed to post in advance of the production and run a giveaway with supplied visuals, as well as attend the ballet and post about their experience. We worked with the influencers to ensure they posted within the desired timeframe and assisted them in curating content and messaging that aligned with The Nutcracker as well as resonated with their followings. Each influencer was in direct communication with Irvin PR for the duration of the campaign.

Using our influencer platform Klear, we monitored the influencers' feed and story posts and tracked all analytics. Upon completion, we generated a comprehensive campaign report that outlined all the posts and analytics.


The Nutcracker campaign included six influencers and generated 29 total static posts and stories across Instagram and Facebook. The campaign generated 4.5k engagements, reached 48K people, had $93.1K in Earned Media Value, and saw 363.1K impressions. The personalized promo codes had more than 80 redemptions across the two influencers who received them. The campaign reached its desired demographic with most of the audience being from Ohio with 57% being Columbus-based. Of the six influencers employed, four had engagement rates over 2%, with two influencers breaking 3% and another breaking 4%. The average engagement rate for Arts and Culture is 1.82%.